We cordially invite you to participate in our study by taking the survey(s) below. Please read carefully so you take the appropriate survey(s). The purpose of the study is to investigate the process and methods of collaboration between expatriate and local English language teachers. Please note that this survey is for current expatriate English language teachers only. To clarify the terms, while "local teachers" means those from your home/native country and who currently live and work there, "expatriate teachers" are those who currently live and work outside their home/native country.

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TESOL Sudan Introduction

TESOL SUDAN is Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Sudan which is abbreviated TESOL Sudan. The association shall be an affiliate of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), an international professional organization for those concerned with the teaching of English as Other language. Now TESOL Sudan is working in collaboration with TESOL Arabia Testing, Assessment & Evaluation Special Interest Group.

TESOL Sudan was established in 2009 as a non-profit professional organization for teachers of English in Sudan. It is run by seven volunteers as board members who are elected bi-annually. TESOL Sudan is based in Khartoum and funded by membership fees, donations, and sponsorships. So its success depends upon the initiative of sponsors and donors interested in teaching and/or learning the English language to share their vision for the field, stay informed on trends and concerns, inform others, and generate interest and collaboration among TESOL Sudan members. Since we are undergoing the process of being affiliated with TESOL International, we are adopting their mission, values, and vision taking into consideration our local context needs.


TESOL Sudan is a professional, non-profit organization whose purposes are to:

  • Work cooperatively toward the improvement of instruction which seeks to provide students with an opportunity to acquire English language skills and proficiency.

  • Provides opportunities for study, research and professional development.

  • Encourage professional development, participation and leadership at the local and international levels.

All money and/or sponsorships of the organization will be disbursed only with the approval of a majority of the Executive Board or of a majority of the members in good standing at the business meeting. Two-thirds of those present voting "yes" will constitute a majority. Now all the assets of the organization are donations & sponsorships. Members will start to pay fees after the first election of the Executive Board.

TESOL SUDAN Membership

Individual voting membership is open to anyone who teaches English to speakers of other languages, those who use English as a medium of teaching other subjects as well as anyone who is otherwise interested in English and in promoting the purposes of this organization. Membership is also open to commercial organizations.


Each year TESOL Sudan will hold at least one general meeting (called the Annual Meeting), a part of which will be devoted to the business of the association. Other meetings will be called at the discretion of the Board any time especially when an event is going to take place. A quorum shall consist of all members in good standing of the association present at the meeting.