Visa, Immigration, Hotel


Entry visas to Sudan can either be obtained overseas. The standard procedure is as follows:

1. Application form
2. Two Passport photos
3. Passort copy (valid for at least 6 months and should not have Israeli visa stamped on it)
4. A sponsoring letter and references in Sudan (please use our conference invitation letter)
5. Yellow fever certificate (required if traveling from certain countries. Please inquire at the embassy)
6. Visa fee (varies from one country to another. It can be anywhere between 50 USD - 150 USD)

The conference organizing committee can arrange entry visa to delegates who can't obtain it from overseas due to absence of Sudanese embassies in their country of residence. We may also arrange counter visas for American passport holders who are not able to obtain it from their respective countries due to political reasons. Getting a counter visa, however, is costly (up to 250 USD). The entry permit costs 150 USD and the visa stamped at the airport is another 100 USD. We will attempt to approach the authorities to forgive part of the fee but nothing is guaranteed at this moment. If you encounter problems securing a visa from one of our embassies abroad, please send a copy of your passport to

Below is a link to a list of the Sudanese embassies around the world.

Immigration & Travel

All foreigners are required to register with the General Directorate of Passport and Immigration (Foreigners Affairs Section). Failure to do this will result in missing your flight back to your country, as you can't leave the country without it. This is, however, a straighforward process and can be done by the conference's hotel. The requirements include: passport copy, application form, and a fee (around 50 USD but it is always changing depending on the exchange rate).

There are many interesting tourist attractions in Sudan, including the pyramids and the Nile cataracts. However, travel inside Sudan for non-Sudanese requires a special permit. We are planning a couple of activities inside Khartoum (Nile Cruise and Sufi Dance) and an excursion to the pyramids of Merowe. More info about these events will be available shortly. For more info about tourism in Sudan, please visit 


The recommended hotel of the conference is Grand Holiday Villa Khartoum. Please visit the hotel's website below to learn more about it.